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Lincoln Park Townhomes

Lincoln Park combines the vitality of urban living with the serenity of a peaceful neighborhood that abounds in unique historical and cultural heritage. This neighborhood is just a ten-minute drive from downtown Chicago thus giving residents quick access to many wonderful local activities.

The real estate market in Lincoln Park is so diverse that there is something that will definitely meet the real estate needs of every buyer. One property type that we can find in this NorthSide neighborhood is the townhome. Lincoln Park townhomes can be houses that have multiple floors and offer larger living space for its residents than a condo.

Many real estate buyers prefer to buy Lincoln Park townhomes over condos and lofts because of the lower maintenance costs and better privacy. Additionally, townhomes allow owners to maintain a garden in either the front or back of the house. Compared to townhomes in other neighborhoods, Lincoln Park townhomes have bigger open spaces as their designs include patios or balconies.

Several Lincoln Park town houses for sale have traditional designs. Their details are distinct to the decades in which they were built. But most of the Lincoln Park townhomes that were built in recent years combine traditional with modern design. Today’s townhomes are equipped with the latest amenities and facilities necessary for convenient modern living.

For the first half of 2010, average listing price for Lincoln Park townhomes is about $620,000.

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