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The flourishing economy after the Great Chicago Fire led to an unprecedented event in the history of Chicago; a phenomenon dubbed as the “building boom”. Within that period, Chicago saw a steady migration of the elite into several neighborhoods of the city including the Gold Coast. The simple exteriors of the houses built during this time actually concealed extravagant and unique interiors.

Chicago’s Gold Coast history and architecture were closely related so that one can easily identify the decade in which a certain home was built just by looking at its designs. Over time, the Gold Coast’s real estate architecture evolved, offering more real estate types. One of these types is the townhome or the rowhouse.

Gold Coast townhomes are excellent in-between choices for those who want the conveniences of both condos and detached single-family homes. They can be single or multi-story structures that are grouped together as duplexes or triplexes, or as part of a huge town house complex.

A Gold Coast town house for sale is built in such a way that it includes a backyard patio or green area, or a terrace with elegant columns and latticework roofs. Owners of Gold Coast townhomes can enjoy community amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers and tennis courts.

Generally, a Gold Coast town house for sale located close to the lake is more expensive than those that are located in other sections of the neighborhood. Real estate buyers interested in owning Gold Coast townhomes that are priced beyond one million dollars can have a look at the town house units at 55 W Goethe. Those interested in newer townhome developments can check out Oak Club Townhomes, a 52-unit town house complex located at Oak and Clark Streets.

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