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Getting Your House Ready For Sale Tips

Putting your best foot forward when selling your home is of absolute importance because you are competing with so many other houses for sale currently on the market.

So, here are some great suggestions for making your property show in the absolute best light:
Most buyers judge a book by its cover

In many cases, you only have one chance to get the attention of a prospective buyer. If they get turned off from the front of your house, there is good chance they will not reconsider coming back again, so curb appeal is extremely important. Make sure the front door is cleaned of any dirt or debris, any chipped paint around doorframe is re-painted, all exterior lighting is clean and wiped down. All front steps and facades should be clean. Plants, planter boxes with flowers can brighten up the outside immensely. Keep the entrance free of any loose newpapers, menus, business cards. Make sure any front gates are fully operational. Keep the yard/flowerbed weeded & well-manicured
Have dirty carpets, rugs steam cleaned and deodorized.

Replace worn or stained carpet, choosing neutral colors and designs. Pets can leave pet of hair and dander in these areas making buyers with allergies sensitive to these types of situations-make sure you have all of those areas cleaned as much as possible.
Freshen up the walls and baseboards with a new coat of paint.

Remove family photos and patch any holes and cracks. It is important that prospective buyers are able to visualize themselves in your home. Sometimes, this is difficult to do when surrounded by pictures of other people. Make sure baseboards or walls that are scratched up by kids and pets get touched up and repaired as necessary.

Lighting is an extremely important decision for many buyers. Homes show better when they are all lit up. Also, make sure all light bulbs are functioning in every single lighting fixture.
Reduce the clutter!

 Remove as many items off counters, bookshelves and furniture as possible. This makes a house look clean and well organized. Storage is a highly desirable element to a home. If items are spilling out of closets and cabinets, it will appear that the property is tight on storage. Overall, you want the buyer/s to focus on the overall room size, layout and flow of the home.
Clean-clean and clean


A professional cleaning company will handle this for you, and possibly do a more thorough job than your busy schedule allows. If you have a cat or dog, remove any rugs that have odor and have furniture upholstery cleaned. If you smoke, refrain from smoking inside the home or apartment anytime during the sales process. Every home has a distinct smell to it, and buyers are sensitive to that. Scented candles, air fresheners, potpourri and freshly baked goods can all create a warm welcome atmosphere. Make sure your windows are clean so as much light shines through your house. TIP-If you clean the outside window first, wipe in one direction (up/down) and the inside window side, wipe horizontal so you know where you missed a spot.

Jewelry and Personal Information

Make sure that while during the showing process, that jewelry, and any personal information is not left out in open areas. Those items should be filed away, or placed in a lockable cabinet drawer or closet.


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